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We are a people-focused Community Church within a reformed tradition. We are progressive but Gospel-led Christians.  The ECC+C is categorised as  'Free' Church but in full acknowledgement of its inextricable link with the first Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church via the Apostolic Succession.

The ECC+C oversees a number of pastoral and prayerful ministries around England. We believe God reveals Himself to us via Christ's love and not through man-made dogma. We aim to care for the spiritual and emotional  wellbeing of people at their point of need.

We are not 'Parish' Priests in a traditional sense as we manage a number of dedicated and specific chaplaincies and ministries. We also concern ourselves both practically and prayerfully with the health of our planet and every living creature within it.

If you would like to speak to a representative from our church, please call us on 01590 624731.







Welcome to the ECC+C


As one of the less well known corners of the Reformed Catholic world, we play an important role in helping to provide people who are unchurched (or those who feel disenfranchised from Organised Religion) with a fresh path to Christianity. For years we have aimed to continue the work of the Apostles by transforming lives through the Gospel by how we communicate with people - and not what we preach to them. We share with every single church in the world, a  universal 'Catholic' history and bring together Reformed Catholics, Lutherans and other Protestant (Open and Free) traditions. We are committed towards meeting the pastoral and spiritual needs of our local communites to the best of our abilities.


Christmas Carols at Dementia Home

Last year one of our priests, Revd Dr Caroline WIlkins, took a leading role in a campaign to prevent the closure of a local dementia home, Cranleigh

Paddock. The campaign was successful and the home remained open. Revd Caroline was invited to become chaplain to Cranleigh Paddock and greatly enjoys visiting and ministering there.

Today was the annual Christmas Carol Concert and Revd Caroline joined the staff choir and gave a blessing at the end. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and brought much pleasure to the elderly residents, with many of them joining in the singing and even getting up to dance with the care staff.

These activities bring so much enrichment to the residents, engaging them and bringing life and activity to them. The level of love and caring at ths special dementia home creates a comforting and much richer life than is sometimes otherwise provided to dementia patients. Little miracles and breakthroughs sometimes happen and today was such a day. A lady who had thus far been very unengaged and introverted with her dementia starting singing, laughing and smiled for the first time - and then spoke directly to choir, all of which was a big breakthrough and a wonderful moment for all present.


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